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Optimise your website to its full potential with In-depth website audits & consultancy

The health of your website is critical to its performance. Without a solid foundation and mitigation against algorithmic penalties, your site will suffer, even with the most sophisticated SEO strategies. Technical SEO ensures that all technical elements of your website are optimized to ensure your website is performing at its full potential and gains maximum visibility in search results to help you compete against others in your industry. 

EU Search Awards

2017 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency & Best PPC Campaign

US Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency​

Egypt Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Use of SEO B2B

Our Expertise

Our award-winning technical SEO services:

As co-founders of Deepcrawl, we have a real passion for technical SEO. Our approach involves an in-depth analysis of the crawlability, speed, responsiveness, navigational experience, and accessibility of your website, using our bespoke in-house tools. Our SEO specialists provide smart solutions to technical challenges and are experienced in managing website migrations and crawling millions of URLs and complex facet structures. Here are our award-winning technical SEO services:

Technical audits:

Our technical SEO audits include 100s of tests which helps identify technical issues on a website. All findings are prioritized and feed into a comprehensive technical SEO strategy.

Migration projects:

We will provide clear project requirements, a comprehensive pre-migration specification and post-launch website migration support.

Technical SEO consultancy:

We provide expert technical SEO consultancy and tailored solutions for your business.

Regular monitoring:

Our technical SEO team will conduct release based site crawls, weekly Search Console reviews and monitor search engine results pages.

Speed audits:

Our SEO experts will conduct detailed site speed audits and provide optimization suggestions accordingly.

Mobile SEO:

Google puts mobile at the very core of its search engine algorithm and our experienced team can help your business optimize your website from a mobile perspective.


What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the optimizations you make to either your website or your server in order to help search engine spiders, like Google bot, crawl and index your site more effectively. In turn, these optimizations will help your website and web pages rank organically in search engines.

Additional Services:
We are a multi award winning agency with many certified partnerships.
Technical SEO is the foundation of any website

Technical SEO is the backbone to any website; it is the building blocks that ensure each and every part of your site is running properly so that you can provide users with the best experience possible and direct them to conversion smoothly. 

You may be building top quality links and producing great content but what’s the point of all that effort is your site cannot be crawled by search engines? If it cannot be crawled then it will struggle to rank on the search engine results pages which is key if you want people to find your website and buy your products or services. 

We recommend considering an agency with expertise in the field in order to save yourself time as it is crucial to keep checking your website and ensure that it does not deteriorate. For example, bugs on your site can drastically cause traffic drops and, subsequently, dives in revenue or new website releases can impact other parts of your website without you even realising. Investing in Technical SEO and optimising your website to reach its maximum potential can result in significant increase in organic traffic and conversions with no unpleasant surprises. 

At TEDevelopers, we will regularly check the health of your site and provide frequent updates and solutions to any problems that may occur. Our expertise lies with large scale migrations, faceted websites structures and location driven architectures so you’re in good hands.

Why TEDevelopers Email Campaign ?
We use a wide range of email marketing techniques for continuous nurturing of customers across all stages of the sales funnel in B2C and B2B industries.

TEDevelopers have won the prestigious award for Best Integrated Content Campaign at the EU Content Awards 2020 with their campaign for Equinox Kombucha. The email marketing strategy behind the campaign included buyer persona development, marketing automation workflows and engaging messaging personalised to various audiences.