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Award-winning B2B SEO agency based in US & Egypt

Maximise B2B opportunities with a user intent B2B SEO strategy

We have been awarded with Best Use of Search in B2B at the US Search Awards for our B2B SEO services that focus on aligning our strategy to your unique business objectives. As user intent is key to maximizing B2B opportunities, our SEO strategists focus on building your organic visibility informed by research across all stages of the inbound funnel which helps you to realize your digital ambitions and drive growth.

EU Search Awards

2017 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency & Best PPC Campaign

US Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency​

Egypt Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Use of SEO B2B


Generate valuable organic inbound leads

Digital marketing for any organization providing B2B services or solutions requires a detailed understanding of how to maximize your opportunities to achieve your objectives. B2B SEO services is the key way to generate valuable inbound leads from other businesses seeking your services. Our services include:

Industry keyword research:

Our team of SEO analysts conduct keyword research and user intent analysis to identify thousands of niche keywords to understand how users are searching.


Technical SEO audits:

We will provide a detailed technical audit using our bespoke in-house technology as well as leading-edge industry tools to establish a clear SEO roadmap of all recommended fixes.


Content strategy:

Our content specialists will complete detailed content audits for your industry to establish a strategy that delivers engagement and builds authority for improved SEO performance.


Consolidated reporting:

Our analytics specialists will provide a comprehensive tracking setup and build reports that align with your objectives to track ROI and measure overall performance.

Additional Services:
We are a multi award winning agency with many certified partnerships.
Why TEDevelopers?
An SEO strategy tailor-made for your business

At TEDevelopers, we have extensive experience across multiple sectors in B2B. Our approach is always rooted in understanding user intent and mapping keywords to different buyer personas and different levels of the buying funnel. Keywords are crucial in generating qualified leads and we stress high importance on long-tail keywords in order to our clients to get long-term results.

We take the time to understand the client’s industry in detail, as well as their services or products so that our strategy is tailored to each individual client and works towards meeting their goals.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we integrate our SEO services with multiple channels, such as social listening, in order to understand the full picture of your industry and how customers are talking online.