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Data-driven travel SEO services based in US & Egypt

SEO Expertise to identify the best opportunities to drive bookings

At TEDevelopers, we have experience working with a range of travel websites that specialize in specific areas of the industry, for example, locations, like America, or types of holidays, such as golf breaks. With our extensive experience working in this industry, we understand the decision-making process that customers take; the dreaming moment, planning moment, experiencing the moment. We use our understanding of this to weave into our research process where we identify keywords at different stages of the decision-making process. Next, we map them to relevant page templates, such as informational guides, blog content, and category pages, to make sure we are satisfying the user’s intent. In addition to this, we will prioritize key locations by seasonality, as well as focusing on the key products sold. 

EU Search Awards

2017 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency & Best PPC Campaign

US Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Small SEO Agency​

Egypt Search Awards​

2019 Winner
Best Use of SEO B2B


Our enterprise SEO services include:

At TEDevelopers, we use our extensive SEO experience and travel industry expertise to create an SEO strategy tailored to your business objectives. Our approach enables you to add value to your audiences and answer the specific intent of search inquiries. Our Travel SEO services include:

Keyword research:

Our team of SEO analysts use unique in-house tools to conduct in-depth keyword research and user intent analysis to understand your market and surface opportunities from hundreds of thousands of relevant keywords.


Technical audits:

TEDeveloper’s technical SEO experts conduct audits of the structure of your current website, however large it may be, and provide recommendations to optimise your website to its full potential.


Content marketing:

Working alongside our inbound team, we create comprehensive content marketing and link acquisition strategies tailored to add maximum value to your market audience.



We provide clients with consolidated monthly reports on the status and results of all SEO activity.

Importance of SEO in travel

There are so many travel websites out there and you want to make sure your website is the first one the customer sees when they search for their next holiday. The best way to do this is through SEO. Optimizing your website through keyword research, technical auditing and great content will increase your organic search rankings which is an effective way to gain visibility and gain your market share and attract high-quality traffic to your website to help improve conversions. 

Additional Services:
We are a multi award winning agency with many certified partnerships.
Why TEDevelopers?
Years of experience implementing SEO for travel websites

TEDevelopers is a full-service digital marketing agency so we combine our expertise in travel SEO, content marketing, travel copywriting and digital PR to surface all opportunities for your business and improve your organic search performance.

In 2019, TEDevelopers was nominated for Best Use of Search in Travel/Leisure (SEO) at the US Search Awards for our exceptional partnership with Golf Travel Center.

Our work resulted in tripled organic sessions in just a year and increased conversions by 337.36% YOY. Our work is data-driven to ensure optimum results; we will priorities keywords which will generate profitable booking by the powerful combination of syncing booking data with analytics data. 

Our keyword research helps identify the locations users are searching for, as well as different holiday types. We are always changing our approach according to new updates and as the SERPs have evolved over the years in the travel industry, we have adapted. There are now more search queries triggering featured snippets, such as hotels and flights, therefore it has become even more important to identify the keywords which don’t just serve these features. Our detailed intent analysis reviews the SERPs in detail in order to identify potential keywords gaps that are not dominated by hotel or flight featured snippets.